Failure to download extra data files with ttf-mscorefonts-installer on Ubuntu 16.04

An annoying problem due to invalid download links in the package. The Debian package was fixed already.

Solution for Ubuntu.

1. Download ttf-mscorefonts-installer_3.6_all.deb package from Debian site into your Downloads folder

Ubuntu on BIOS RAID (fake RAID)

I seem that "fake RAID" term is not really corresponding to actual motherboard design. Indeed, I don't see the differences between Marvell RAID controller implanted into my motherboard and my old Silicon Image PCI SATA 4-port card.

However, Ubuntu 14.04 cannot be installed "by default" in both cases. Follow these step-by-step instructions.

HP Webcam HD 2300 on Ubuntu

I'm glad to confirm that occasionally bought HP webcam HD 2300 is compatible with Linux Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04. The webcam design is perfect IMHO, the price in Europe (France) is moderate (about 25 euros on retailers like Darty). Good news to linux users.

For testing webcam install and run cheese program
sudo apt-get install cheese

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