Delphi Starter doesn't support command line

Delphi feature matrix has two important points:

  • Delphi 32-bit native code optimizing compiler (dcc32) for Windows, including high performance x86
  • Delphi toolchains for Windows

Regardless indicated options dcc32 doesn't work in Delphi Berlin Starter with the error message "This version of the product does not support command line compiling".

My support request to Embarcadero was answered: "The starter edition should allow you to build from the command line using MSBuild". However, MSBuild compiling doesn't work too with the same error message during the build.

Finally Embarcadero said that there is no command line or MSBuild support for Delphi Starter "The issue turned out to be a marketing bug in the feature matrix which indicates incorrectly". So you should buy a Professional version only for command-line building.

It's a very strange limitation because the C++ compiler bcc32c.exe of the same package runs well without any problem. Hope Embarcadero will remove this pathetic restriction in the future versions.


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Should work

Yes, it should work but doesn't work that is confirmed by me and by Embarcadero support.
BTW, dcc32.exe of Starter and dcc32.exe of Pro are two different binaries (installed from the same ISO). So hope this will be changed in future.