Installing Delphi 7 on Windows 7/8/10/Server 2012

How to install and use Delphi 7 and help files on Windows 8/10 or Server 2012.


Start Delphi setup and install all required items including help files.

In Windows 8/10/Server 2012 or later (should work on Windows 7 too):

  • Create the shortcut to Delphi32.exe
  • Open shortcut properties and set "run as administrator" option
  • Add Delphi to the of DEP (Data Execution Prevention). Go to My Computer - Properties - Advanced System Settings - Performance Settings - Data Execution Prevention
  • Check that Delphi 7 started correctly
  • In case of problem set the compatibility "Windows XP SP2" in shortcut options (not recommended)

Delphi HLP files

Since Windows Vista the WinHlp32.exe program isn't more supported. You should download corresponding version from Microsoft web site and install it. For example:

WinHlp32.exe for Windows 7
WinHlp32.exe for Windows 8

Unfortunately, there is no official way to install WinHlp32 on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 10. The only workaround is to copy it from an other system. In my case I take it from my old Windows XP SP3 (32 bits). Later versions extracted from Win7/Win8 packages don't work for me.

You must have administrator's rights to do following actions:

  • Go to Windows folder
  • Find existing WinHlp32 file and open its properties
  • In security tab add your user name with full rights (when disabled, click "Advanced" button and take the ownership over this file)
  • Rename this file to winhlp32.exe.bak
  • Copy winhlp32.exe instead

From now Delphi 7 help works fine!

P.S. Cohabit fine with Delphi XE 10.x on the same machine.


Delphi in 2016?

Delphi in 2016?
Are you serious???
Burn this shit with fire!!!

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Any explanation

Any explanation of such strange opinion are welcome.


Delphi Moves to 12th Place (up 8 places from 2015)
Have a look at the 2016 TIOBE index and see welcoming news. Delphi moves up 8 places in one year.

If Delphi does the job well

If Delphi does the job well for anyone, it is fine. What's your problem? Herd mentality?


well little man i am working with delphi 5 in 2016 and a get lots of money my friend beacuse what i do with delphi 5 ( speed,services,apps) is no way to do them with fuckign XExx delphi.

You baby stick with VISUAL VISUAL VISUAL VISUAL VISUAL STUDIO and continue to Visual basic.
You have a great feature

Delphi Developers

I am an ardent fan of Delphi, it is good to hear you guys are still around.. keep going.

So it is now 2020

just wondering if you are laughing about using Delphi still?

I was a Delphi architect for 10 years, until moving to C# 20 years ago and have never looked back. Now I am being asked to convert Delphi to C# @ 150/hour, so I am wondering are you still using it?

BTW I have made over 3 million dollars coding c# in the last 20 years. How does that compare to you get lots of money for Delphi?

Windows in 2016?

Windows in 2016?
Burn that shit with alcohol!

PS: The latest version of Delphi is this year.

Delphi 5

It might burn the 'ass' off your assumptions!

Delphi 7 compiler on Windows 10 in 2017

Delphi is the only windows programming language which is based on the Pascal syntax. I program also at the same time on an IBM mainframe in PLI , a programming language which is also based in Pascal.

Although windows and mainframe environments are completely different, the
simularties in both programming languages makes it easy to used both program languages at te same time without mixing the language syntax. I even use Delphi 7 to create Windows applications which access the DB2 database on mainframe without any problem. Accessing oracle and SQL server databases is also not a problem. The include Indy components makes it also very easy to write TCPIP applications.

I developed with Delphi 7 a complete workbench :
- to create, compile and execute mainframe programs
- with a version control system for mainframe development
- complete project management
- Query tool for DB2
- management of nicknames to other LUW DB2 systems
- mainframe user management features
- and many many other features which makes life of a mainframe developer much easier.

And the fact that this 32-bit Delphi 7 compiler still works on windows 10 and still generates executables which work on windows 10 proves that this
compiler is one of the best compilers ever made.

My old apps Delphi 7 not work windows 10, show BlueScreen

Please friend, reply me how you make work apps builded with Borland Delphi v7 on windows 10,

I use to build machines with WindowsXP to make versions and use compatible win95 configured to execution.

But some functionalities not work is fine, but blue Screen dont show, case i configure compatible winXp blue screen show me :(

Thanks for help case can

We dont miss the point

Real devs spend less time to dev app, no matter what they use.
i have programing from 1992, i begining with ASM, pascal, delphi, c/c++, LaTEX, HTML, javascript, php, java, javascript again.
I still programing on delphi 7, cause is the most completed software i ever see, its robust, u can solve anithing faster witht.

chirs to the reals devs excelent work! forget the assoles that marry with false ideals. Develeoper is a developers no matter that tools they use.

Delphi 7 help files with Win 8 etc.

Saved my bacon. Thanks! The one thing I'd never thought to try was to copy the version from my old XP system.. worked super.

It works!

It works! Thanks ! Even the help solution is a working method, therefore I do not understand why Microsoft just publish a winhlp32.exe from xp2p3 and it works :)

Delphi 7

I have used Pascal since Turbo Pascal in the 80's Delphi 7 is still the best. I've installed XE, XE4, XE 10.2, but still return to Delphi 7 and I think I always will. SO much easier to get along with than all the bollocks added to the latest XE's

Good article - thanks.

Good article - thanks.

I have installed Delphi7 onto Windows Server 2012R2. Delphi code builds ok, but I get an Access violation going into Project->Options. I have turned off DEP but still getting the problem. Did you get this problem on Server 2012?

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Server 2012

No, I didn't get this sort of problem on Server 2012/2012 R2. However, I had updated Delphi to 7.02.


It should also be noted that Delphi 7 setup itself should also be ran as Admin or some components may fail to register.

Installing Delphi 7 on Windows 10

I do recommend installing Delphi 7 on its own folder, something like C:\Delphi7\ instead of Program Files folder.
This is the way Lazarus installs too.
Then, you don't have to run Delphi IDE as admin.