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Delphi 7 compiler on Windows 10 in 2017

Delphi is the only windows programming language which is based on the Pascal syntax. I program also at the same time on an IBM mainframe in PLI , a programming language which is also based in Pascal.

Although windows and mainframe environments are completely different, the
simularties in both programming languages makes it easy to used both program languages at te same time without mixing the language syntax. I even use Delphi 7 to create Windows applications which access the DB2 database on mainframe without any problem. Accessing oracle and SQL server databases is also not a problem. The include Indy components makes it also very easy to write TCPIP applications.

I developed with Delphi 7 a complete workbench :
- to create, compile and execute mainframe programs
- with a version control system for mainframe development
- complete project management
- Query tool for DB2
- management of nicknames to other LUW DB2 systems
- mainframe user management features
- and many many other features which makes life of a mainframe developer much easier.

And the fact that this 32-bit Delphi 7 compiler still works on windows 10 and still generates executables which work on windows 10 proves that this
compiler is one of the best compilers ever made.