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Про Маслоу

Не помню уже когда и где прочел, поэтому, наверное, скажу банальность: Маслоу никаких пирамид не рисовал и, тем более, не утверждал, что переход от одних потребностей к другим происходит только после полного удовлетворения первых. Поподробнее, со ссылками на работы "Maslow’s Hierarchy: Separating Fact From Fiction".

И еще, в русском языке глагол "мотивировать" означает "излагать свои мотивы". Мотивировки часто писал Штирлиц. А персонал стимулируют, материально и морально.

The brilliance and poverty of microservices

This is the revised translation of my article published in "ITWeek" magazine January 24, 2019.

An expert tries to know more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing. And a philosopher tries to know less and less about more and more until he knows nothing about everything.
Daniil Granin, "Going Inside a Storm"

C++11 constructors

According to specification, "...constructor is a special non-static member function of a class that is used to initialize objects of its class type". In addition to basic concepts, C++11 introduces move constructors, initializer list type and brace-enclosed lists of comma-separated initializers.

Agile or not agile

Bertrand Meyer's article "Making sense of agile methods" (PDF, November 2017)
Russian translation published in "Open systems" magazine N°2-2018 "Об Agile по гамбургскому счету"

Some citations (I completely agree according to my experience).

Everything will look fine until you suddenly discover that the next user story conflicts with previously implemented ones, and you have to go back and rethink everything

SQL Server: temporary tables and constraint names

Local temporary tables are isolated in the scope of current session regardless its name. It means that #temp_table in the session 1 is not the same that #temp_table in the session 2. However, the names of constraints are stored in the metadata of tempdb and can produce duplicate name errors.


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